Brick and Mortar Store Closing Y’all

Sad news my friends. Blonde Grizzly is closing it’s physical doors for good September 28th, as in this Saturday.

Don’t cry your eyes out! We will still be in your lives! Your online lives, which is mostly where your life is anyway (admit it). Blonde Grizzly will continue bringing you your favorite apparel (et al) as a website. Make sure you follow us on Facebook and Instagram┬áto keep up to date, because there are many exciting Blonde Grizzly things still to come. We will be hosting pop-up shows and attending festivals, and you will still see us around good old SLC. To make sure you don’t miss our appearances, sign up to receive our occasional newsletter by visiting our website and signing up in the top right corner.
Thanks for all the good times. Toodles.


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