The Salt of the Earth : Gallery Stroll

September’s Gallery Stroll was guest curated by Emily Hart Wood, a local artists and serious babe.    When I asked her about the upcoming show, this is what she had to say:

I’m thrilled to get the chance to curate. The thought of having an all girl show using local artists has been in my head for a while. There are so many talented lady-artists that I have met and admired, that an exhibition highlighting some of them is well deserved. 


 I chose artists whose work is diverse but complimentary.  Many of them I have shown with before at the Blonde Grizzly. We have Andy Chase, Candace Jean, Cindy Bean, Sunnie Payne and myself showing. The mediums range from painting, collage, printmaking, and paper cutting.


 The theme “The Salt of the Earth” references being a part of Salt Lake City and also suggests being part of something grounded and substantial. This exhibition of work is a celebration of the dreamers and creators from this corner of the world from a female point of view.


 Being a part of this community of dreamers is very exciting. I’m feeling proud to be a girl from Salt Lake City. I hope we can get a bunch of people out to experience the show and be a part of it too.

1368830_10151709150338440_1613766528_nCome out and see what is guaranteed to be a delightful and magical show for stroll on Friday night.

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