New Shirts

One of Alex Pardee’s very popular designs, Cyanophobia, is being printed “Joker” style, on a green shirt in very limited quantities. Only 150 of these are going to exist and once they are sold out this edition will never be printed again. Blonde Grizzly is lucky enough to have a few in stock, so come… read more »


Alex and Dave’s Show in Photos

January’s gallery stroll was a delightful event. Thanks to everyone who came out and supported us and these great artists on stroll night. Here are some photos from the evening so that you can remember all the magic that happened, and if you still haven’t seen the show in person, you aren’t too late. The… read more »


Jerry and John

Jazz season is upon us my friends. Are you attending a game night with friends, or an actual live game and want to show your support for the team while showing that you have been a friend to the Jazz since you were a child? Do you want people to know that your history with… read more »


Dave Correia and Alex Pardee at Blonde Grizzly

Gallery stroll has come and gone and so have Dave and Alex, but their work is still here and ready to be gawked at. You can come in the store and view it, or, you can view and purchase most of the work in our online store. Dave has a broad range of work available… read more »


Alex Pardee and Dave Correia FRIDAY NIGHT

Blonde Grizzly has a very exciting gallery stroll night coming up this weekend. Dave Correia and Alex Pardee will have their artwork hung and for sale, but they aint stopping there. They will also be painting a mural on the beloved tan walls of the shop for all your eyes to spy. On top of… read more »

Zerofriends’ Tales

You know what I absolutely love about Zerofriends shirts? Each shirt has a story that goes along with the image on the shirt printed on the inside! It’s like having a secret under your shirt, which isn’t far from having a secret super human power. Some of these stories get pretty twisted and detailed. Such… read more »


The art of Kat Martin

Kat Martin is a local artist putting new twists into old traditional landscape paintings. I asked her to tell me a little bit about her work, her training, her influences and whether she was on team Edward or team Jacob. Here is what she had to say: I find old abandoned Bob Ross style landscape… read more »


Why you should do your Holiday shopping at Blonde Grizzly

The countdown has arrived. Christmas is right around the corner. If you still have some shopping to do, why not buy a lovely gift certificate from Blonde Grizzly and help support a local business that is, in turn, supporting and contributing to the wonderful art community in Salt Lake City. Remember, when you buy local… read more »

New Hoodies

Just in time for the Holidays and the cold Utah winters, two new zip hoodies have arrived to keep you nice and toasty. Both of these Zero Friends masterpieces are eleven color screenprints. Wait, what?! It’s true. Eleven colors, so lush! These vibrant beauties are available for you to purchase for any and all loved… read more »


Night of the Treeple Prints

We have new Alex Pardee prints from his “Night of the Treeple” series now available in the store. “Night of the Treeple” is a series originally comissioned by Hurley for a line of apparel that you can now own as prints. Watch the rad trailer below for the explanation of the treeple. The images are… read more »