Nutcracker Show

Blonde Grizzly has hosted some wonderful themed group art shows in the past and decided to host one for the December Gallery Stroll. They enlisted local tattoo legend Vic Back to curate the show.  The theme is Nutcracker. Vic has chosen some of his favorite artist’s, both locally and nationally to submit custom holiday Nutcrackers…. read more »


New Apparel

We have some new wares by the one and only Alex Pardee available for you to purchase for all your Holiday shopping needs. These two new long sleeve shirt designs are here and ready to snuggle up to you and keep you or your loved ones warm. They are printed on plush American Apparel unisex cut… comfy…. read more »


New Products

We have some new wares available. First off is this truly terrifying and psychedelic print by Skinner. It’s an extremely limited edition run of 100, signed and numbered, 11″x17″ monstrosity sure to make your mother weep. “Harvest of Souls” will keep you company when you are feeling blue and help lull you to sleep on night of… read more »


November Gallery Stroll

November Gallery Stroll is this Friday! This month Blonde Grizzly has two great artists showing for your viewing and purchasing pleasure: JJ Shelton, and Austen Stanton. I asked the artists a few questions about their upcoming show to get ready for the opening. Here is what they had to say. 1) What kind of work… read more »


Why Buy Local?

No doubt you have seen the above image around town: stickers on bicycles, in store front windows and in local publications. Buy local first. But why? Why should we buy local? If you go on the Local First Utah webpage you can read multiple case studies about the effects that buying local has on our… read more »


Cotton Candy Machine Shirts

Tara McPherson is one of the OG’s of the modern rock poster scene. If you aren’t currently residing under a rock than you have undoubtedly come into contact with her illustrations. She has done lots of incredible work for lots of incredible bands and done much more beyond band work as well. Last Spring she… read more »


Noble Town Vintage

A local of Salt Lake City, Sarah Pace is rocking the jewelry world with her line of necklaces and earrings known as Nobel Town Vintage. She has been making jewelry for many years, but only started selling the pieces about a year ago. Sarah’s designs are minimal and charming. Each piece is made from rescued,… read more »


2nd Annual Monsters Show

It’s that time of year again. Time for Blonde Grizzly’s 2nd Annual Monster Art Show. Last year was a great turn out and we had some truly amazing monster themed art. This is our biggest show of the year, bringing in submissions from a wide variety of artists and mediums.  This year we have over… read more »


John Stockton Shirts

Remember back in February when you bought that sweet green Jerry Sloan tee shirt form Blonde Grizzly? Well now you can buy it’s companion, the John Stockton tee in wondrous purple. Let’s brush up on our Stockton trivia in honor of this nice shirt: 1. Selected in 1996 as one of the “50 Greatest Players in NBA History” 2…. read more »


Gift Certificates

Have you started your holiday shopping yet? Hate coming up with gift ideas for everyone on your shopping list? Well, we’re making this Holiday season a little easier on you by now offering gift certificates. But, don’t just think these suckers are for Christmas.  These little guys would make a wonderful present for birthdays, Valentines,… read more »